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Join Privacy Expert Kirk Nahra as he discusses the future of healthcare privacy and security in our upcoming webinar, May 12, 2 PM EDT.

The healthcare industry continues to face enormous change in connection with privacy and data security issues.  Risks from enforcement, data breaches and privacy litigation grow every day. The volume and breadth of data available to the industry is expanding, from a new variety of sources, presenting both opportunity and challenges.  Healthcare reform pushes new kinds of performance measurements, relying on personal data, while the government continues to regulate these sues of data and expand its audit and enforcement efforts if there is a privacy or security problem. In addition, a significant number of new laws and rules are impacting those in the industry who focus primarily on HIPAA – but who need to be aware of developments beyond HIPAA’s reach.  

This webinar focuses on some of the top issues for the healthcare industry to pay attention to throughout 2016 and beyond, to ensure that your company manages its compliance risks and is prepared to benefit from and compete in this changing environment

This session will help ensure you are thinking about the right issues for your company and will help you be a thought leader in your business on these issues.